Welcome to Project Connor!

Hi! I’m Connor – that’s my face in all those pics up there. I’m a 36-year-old Irish man. I’ve been keeping this blog since April 2010, when I started it as a way of keeping track of my attempt at losing weight and giving up cigarettes. A little less than a year later, I gave up smoking for good. The weightloss didn’t go quite as well. But the blog didn’t stay about weightloss. It kept a “project” vibe. I’m obsessed with self-improvement in all its different forms and that’s been a recurring theme. But the blog has become my life and my life has become the blog. For work-related reasons, I’ve taken down the blog twice over the years, but I’ve never been able to last long without it.

Since starting the blog, I’ve mainly lived in Ireland (in Dublin, in Cork,  in Galway and in a tiny village in Longford). I teach people how to teach English to foreigners, and have lived in Ho Chi Minh City and in London too, as well as doing short contracts in Italy, France, Slovenia, Cambridge, Macedonia, Kazakhstan and Russia. I have also completed a PhD since I started writing the blog. This blog traces all those various adventures, at home and abroad, feeling fat and feeling thin, struggling with my sexuality, my disastrous relationship with my body, with money, with my studies and with my future. It’s a fun ride. I’m far too honest, and I overshare way too much, but it’s funny too.

If you enjoy this blog, I assembled some posts (mainly from 2016) into a book, which you can buy here.

You can contact me at connormuzz[at]yahoo[dot]com or follow me on Twitter @connor0d or Instagram @connor0d or on Tumblr at connor0d.