From the Couch to Sweden

I do love a project. And the wheels kind of came off everything in the last two months. Projects went unfulfilled. I stopped writing and I stopped posting ridiculous videos on YouTube and I stopped dieting. I’d been so proud of the four stone I’d lost. I don’t know how much I weigh now. But I know it’s more than it was. 

And I’ve got the perfect excuse, not that I want it. 

My body had got used to eating sane amounts of food and it reacted very badly to return of bingeing. It didn’t take long before I was up all night with indigestion, before going to the toilet became a bloody trial again, before the nosebleeds started again. I haven’t fully lost control, but for a few weeks things were beginning to look bleak. 

Thankfully, I am now London Connor. And London Connor is a better model than the previous version. So I’ll get back on track more easily than before. And I have an ANNOUNCEMENT. It’s been a while since I made an ANNOUNCEMENT. I’m sure you’ve missed them.

I have registered and paid for the Stockholm Marathon. 

It’s on Saturday, 2nd June 2018. 

Can I do it? Of course I can. Can I currently run for more than 30 seconds? Of course I can’t. 

I’m going back to Ireland for a week this week on what was meant to be a visit to see my dad. Once I get back to London, I’m starting. 

The novice marathon training programme I’m doing is 18 weeks long. So I have to be ready to start it on 29th January. What does being ready to start mean? It means I have to be able to run 3 miles comfortably.

Can I run 3 miles now? Of course not. But 3 miles is basically 5 km and I’ve done the Couch-2-5K before. 

I can do this. It’s seven years ago today that I made my last attempt at a marathon. This time will be different. 

Keep your fingers crossed for Connor! 

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