CoCo returns

I’ve been writing lots about how my life has changed in the last few months. The blog has basically become Eat Pray Love, but with more bum sex. (Well I don’t know. Maybe Eat Pray Love has lots of bum sex.)

Anyway, lots of things have been changing for the better in the life of Connor. I’ve written about the weightloss. And the boys. And the money. And the self confidence. One of the other things that’s been going well is my videos. I knew I’d enjoy putting out videos. But I didn’t quite realise how much. 

I’ve spent most of my adult life living alone, permanently boyfriendless, and I think this has had an impact on my internal dialogue. What am I like when I’m alone? Basically, I’m like I am in my videos. You want to know “the real me”? Watch me talk to a camera about One Direction. The me on video feels a lot more authentic than the me with other people. Maybe that’s not a healthy way to be, but it’s true. And I love having the real me on the loose. Watch how much I laugh in those videos. I’m laughing because I’m happy. So I’m going to keep on posting my One Direction Newscasts every Monday. 

And I’m ready to be even more the real me. I’ve been talking vaguely about various flirtations with gender-fuckery over the last six or seven years. It’s something I’ve really wanted to try and been afraid to. But now I’m London Connor and London Connor is brave. And so I present to you “Becoming CoCo Starlight”, my new video series, where I want to try on the persona of a drag queen and learn the art of drag. Over the next few months, every Thursday, I plan to release a video chronicling my (messy, inept and deeply unsexy) lessons in becoming a drag queen. 

It’s fun. It’s funny. I enjoy it. I hope you do too. 

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