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So let’s get the weightloss news out of the way first. I lost another 3 pounds this week. That’s me down 2 stone 10 (38 pounds or 17 kgs) in the last two months. Yay!

This is officially my longest streak of weightloss since 2007. I’m really doing it.

And I’m getting more confident again in lots of areas.

My life is crazy and unsustainable at the moment. I’m working ridiculous hours. I have a 9-5 job in teacher training management. I also teach on a part-time teacher training course on Monday and Wednesday evenings and every second Saturday. I’m also working as a freelance proofreader, doing ten to twelve jobs a week for them. I’m also supervising masters dissertations for a teacher training college in Ireland. I’m also teaching on an online teacher training course. And finally, I’m also tutoring on a distance in-service teacher training course. This means that some days I’m working from 9:00 am to 9:30 pm, then getting home at 10:30, climbing into bed with my laptop and doing two more hours of work online.

And I know I can’t do it forever. But it feels amazing to know that I can for the moment. And to finally be financially secure. For the first time in years. Since 2007 in fact. Payday is almost a month into the future. But I know I won’t run out of money before then. That’s not the Connor you know.

I’m tired of waiting for life. I’ve started looking for a new apartment to move to, one that’s all for me. I’m going to make London my own.

And I’m tired of waiting for other things. All my little projects are ticking along nicely.

I’ve decided to make something of this blog. I had assembled the Camino posts from last year along with a few others into a little book before Christmas. I’d sent it to an agent who’d been nice about my writing before. But I’m tired of waiting to hear from her. So I’ve only gone and done it.

I’ve thrown it up on Amazon. I’m a *gasp* self-publisher.

Buy my book. If you read my blog, then you’ve read 95% of it already. But I don’t care. Buy my book. It’s only available as an eBook, but if you don’t have an eReader or a tablet it doesn’t matter. You can get the Kindle app for your smartphone and read it there. Buy my book.

I’ve taken down my Patreon page. Thank you very much to those who donated. I’m never going to ask the people of the internet for money again. Unless I’m giving something definite in return. Like a book. Buy my book.

It’s imperfectly edited and formatted. But you should buy it anyway. And so should your friends. Buy it.

Thanks. I love you all. It’s only taken me seven years of blogging to be brave enough to do this. Buy my book.

Click here to go to Amazon to buy my book. You know you want to.

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