I did it!

I was worried about my diet this week for a number of reasons:

  • Second weeks are never as good as first weeks.
  • I had lost such a ridiculously good amount of weight last week that I couldn’t possibly lose much this week.
  • I didn’t have quite as much money this week as last week (payday is coming again) and I have a long-standing tendency to panic-eat when my resources are running out, like a bear readying itself for hibernation.
  • The school canteen where I work re-opened after being shut for renovations last week. Last week I was eating lunches with clearly specified calorie counts from Pret-a-Manger. This week I had to estimate calories for myself with canteen food. I did a lot of guesstimations and approximations this week. I was honest, but worried that I would be too generous in my guesses.

But it worked out fine. I went to weigh myself today at lunchtime and I lost another 6 pounds this week. 6 pounds, on top of fifteen last week makes 21 pounds, or a stone and a half, in two weeks. Next week’s loss will be miniscule. I can tell you that now, but this has been one amazing start. Two weeks ago, I was 27 and a half stone. Now I’m a mere 26.

*Whispers* Maybe this time it’s for real.

In other “I did it!” news, I finally, finally filmed and uploaded my first YouTube video. On Sunday morning, I locked myself into my bedroom, hoping my flatmates couldn’t hear, put on a shirt and tie and filmed a news broadcast, a One Direction news broadcast. I basically gave the whole day to filming and editing it and it brought me a lot of joy. I’m hoping to upload a new one every Monday, get better at filming and editing and then start making a second YouTube series soon.

I love the video I made. It’s really cringey and amateurish, but I like the Connor I see on screen. I think he’s funny, but in a warm and generous way. He’s what I want to be. I hope everyone else can see that too. I know none of you are into One Direction, or certainly not to the extent I am, but watch the video anyway. You’ll laugh. I promise.

I did it!

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