Back in love with London

I’m in love with London again. 

London and I had had a bit of a falling out over the last two weeks. I was reaching the end of my tether with hostel life and waiting for invoices to be paid. I won’t say I was regretting my choices, but I was ready for what was next and what was next wasn’t coming. And as I moved from hostel to hostel this week, they weren’t getting any better. I spent two nights in a filthy hostel that was only £11 per night where the beds were so close together that flinging my hand out in my sleep meant hitting the person next to me. I’m 99% certain that the sheets on my bed had not been changed between the last person and me. 

The shower tray had wet cigarette butts in it but I can’t cope without a shower, so I got in anyway. As it turns out, the water wasn’t working either so I went two days without a shower and really, really began to hate everything. I think I can face anything if I smell OK. But I didn’t smell OK. 

As the week came to an end, I began to realise that maybe my invoices wouldn’t be paid this week. I know my salary will be paid next week, but for the millionth time this month, I was down to my last penny. I borrowed some money from a friend to see me through the weekend. 

The money from her hit my account at about 1:00 this afternoon, and my life immediately got better. I booked into a quality hostel until Tuesday. I got here and I gloried in the strong wifi. I had the longest shower I’ve had in ages. I washed my stinking laundry. My room may have eight people in it, but they all smell good and all the beds are at least four feet apart. 

After I settled into my lovely new hostel, I went out and had my first hot meal in a week. I felt like a king. 

I decided to go crazy and splurge on the cinema. Moonlight is out and it’s apparently the most important gay movie since Brokeback Mountain. I walked to the cinema rather than getting the Tube. That’s how good of a mood I was in. I chose to walk when I didn’t have to. I went through some of the most beautiful touristy parts of London on the way, and all the tingles of excitement about my life here started to come back. The last two weeks have driven me half crazy – but it’s worth it. I have options with work again, and as well as all the invoices coming in soon and my salary and the ongoing negotiations with the Murch of Mientology, I now have a few different practical work possibilities coming in my direction. Everything’s going to be OK. London is a place for realising dreams and I’m going to realise some more of them very soon. 

Moonlight was a beautiful film, a coming of age story about a boy whose circumstances and personality mean that he doesn’t get the love he deserves and he doesn’t seek out love and sex either. To say it spoke to me, and to London me in particular, is an understatement. 

I cried. 

But it’s OK. Everything’s going to be OK you guys. I can feel it. 

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