His most explosive blogpost yet

I’m writing this from my fourth hostel of 2017. Someone saw a rat in the showers of my last hostel this morning so I was gone. My new one is nice, but it’s full tomorrow so tomorrow will be Hostel Number Five. Tomorrow will also be the quest to find somewhere where I can wash my laundry before I go into work at 12:30 pm. Wish me luck. 

But none of this matters. This post is about a message I got today on LinkedIn. 

I got a message from a man with a French name, but working for a company called CoS in Denmark. He said he had a lot of work on offer and he had already approached every official Irish language translator but they didn’t have the time to dedicate to a project of the size he had in mind. 

I was intrigued. I mean, the last job on my LinkedIn which related to the Irish language was in the year 2000.  He must have asked a lot of people before he asked me. 

I’m not in a position to turn up my nose at work so I sent him a tentative yes, but I didn’t expect anything to come from it. 

I googled him and his company. CoS stands for many things. My eyes landed on the name of one organisation, let’s call it the “Murch of Mientology”. I joked on Facebook that I thought I’d been offered a job by the Murch of Mientology. 

Literally five minutes later, I got an email from the Actual Murch of Mientology. They need someone to translate “many works by one author” into Irish Gaelic. 

I googled. This is real. I told some friends. They all googled too. The Murch of Mientology really is looking for Irish translators and really has had trouble getting accredited translators to work for them. They’ve set up a massive world translation unit in Denmark. And they want me to work freelance for them. 

I basically laughed for a whole hour. I laughed so hard it hurt. 

Is Mientology the solution to my problems? Will I be saved by Mientology? Will my new London life be funded by my translation of the sacred texts of the Murch of Mientology for the conversion of future mientologist Connemara fishermen? 
Stay tuned, folks…

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2 Responses to His most explosive blogpost yet

  1. Have you seen the documentary series about the Murch by the actress Reah Lemini?

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