A Prayer

Dear Baby Jesus,

I know that You’re busy, up there in Your flying manger, looking down on us all and what with Syria and Trump and that weird outfit CeeLo Green wore to the Grammys, You must have lots of prayers to answer at the moment, but if You do find some time in Your day, please think of me.

Think of me and my invoices. As You know, Dear Baby Jesus, three different companies currently have invoices from me and all I want, is for one of them to be paid. Just one, Dear Baby Jesus. I don’t think that one out of three is too much to ask. If You could channel Your Godly Baby Vibes into the finance departments and just move my invoice to the top of the pile. Just one of the companies. I’m sure Your Infinite Magicks will make it easy for you.

And Dear Baby Jesus, if You grant this one prayer, I’ll be ever so good. I’ll use the money to buy salads and I’ll totally eat them. And I’ll stop talking to that man from the internet who wants to me to wear a dog collar and lead.

Please look down on me, Your humblest of servants and grant my prayer for the speedy payment of an invoice, any invoice (though preferably one of the two bigger ones) (but any one will do at the moment).

For Your is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory. Forever and ever.


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