The Callback

Like a Broadway ingénue, one audition wasn’t enough. The Dublin interview panel called me and one other person back for another interview.

I didn’t have a second long-sleeved shirt, and I couldn’t wear the same one again. And I couldn’t afford a new shirt. A long-sleeved one in my size in the “big man’s shop” would be €70 or €80. So I wore a short-sleeved one. And I found a tie that I think was bought sometime in the 1990s.

This time I got the perfect night’s sleep the night before. Exactly 8 hours. I drove there and arrived an hour and a half early.

I spent the hour and a half jiggling about so much with nerves and excitement that my little car was bouncing around in the car park. Having a second interview just made me want the job more.

This time, the panel of six was reduced to two people. And it was lovely. It was a chat about the job. In great detail. It’s a job I know I can do. It’s a slightly bigger commitment than I thought when I applied. But it’s still a job that is very much compatible with having a life.

It is only occasionally that I feel I’ve really scored in an interview. When I’ve felt that the interview panel really liked me. When I’ve felt that they actually want what I’m selling. And I had that feeling in this interview. I really did.

I left the interview after 45 minutes, feeling elated. This was good. (Incidentally, they also told me the rate of pay. I would be rich. Rich beyond my wildest dreams!)

I’ll find out “by the end of the week”. I guess that means tomorrow.

I want it. I mean, obviously, I want it in the sense that I want to do it for long enough to mend the financial cesspit that is my life. But I really do think it’s the kind of job I can balance with writing my novel and becoming a star of stage and screen.

I’ve been a wreck of a person waiting for the news. I watched One Direction’s last video “History” on YouTube and started bawling crying. It’s hard that they’ve gone on hiatus – there are no new videos to watch, no new interviews, no new gifs from concerts. I know this will make absolutely no sense to any grown-ups reading this, but it’s like my friends have all left and unfriended me on Facebook and not told me when they’ll be back.

What I’m saying is, I don’t have a back-up plan if I don’t get this job. I can’t handle being poor if I don’t even have One Direction. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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