And another one

I feel a bit guilty for getting you all excited about the Manchester interview in my second last post and then bringing you all down again with my last post. Sorry for toying with all of you like that. I’m SUCH a tease.

Anyway, I got another email.

I have an interview for a job in Dublin. It’s exactly a week after the interview in Manchester.

The job in Dublin is a fairly high-level professional job, very respectable and potentially lucrative, but it isn’t as high-powered and posh as the one in Manchester. It’s not my dream job, but it’s something I’m very qualified for, that I’d be well able to do and that I think I could have an actual life with. It would be much more doable. And I’ve been enjoying coming up with plans for it. So I’m totally leaning towards that.

Moving to Dublin does feel like a backwards step, but I do find myself sneakily liking the idea, so cross all your many fingers for me. (WHAT IF I DON’T GET OFFERED EITHER JOB? WHAT THEN, CONNOR? YOU WON’T FEEL SO CLEVER ABOUT YOUR EXISTENTIAL  CRISIS AND SIX BLOGPOSTS THEN!)

When I got the email that notified me about the interview, it told me the title and format of the presentation I would have to give before my interview. I think it’s symbolic of my whole existential-I-should-never-be-an-academic-Manchester crisis that I had the whole presentation mapped out in my head in five minutes for the Dublin job and the interview’s over a week in the future, whereas I’m leaving home tomorrow for Manchester and I still haven’t fully decided on what I’m doing for my 30-minute demonstration lesson. I’m well used to teaching, and as a teacher trainer giving demo lessons is a very normal part of my life, so it won’t be a problem to come up with it, but I keep getting distracted by ideas for the Dublin job every time I start thinking about it. I keep wanting to open a new powerpoint and covertly putting together the Dublin one when I should be writing the Manchester one. The Manchester one is totally going to end up getting finished in the airport.

So, tomorrow, I will drive to Dublin, fly to Manchester and continue to be consumed with my existential crisis. (I actually am convinced that people get married and have children to distract themselves from having to figure out what the point of life is. It really is a very annoying question. And times of change just make you question it all the more.) Then on Thursday, I will switch Professional Connor back on and try to kick a bit of ass in this all-day interview for a job that I’m convinced will make me deeply unhappy. But what would I know?

I imagine there’ll be an entertaining blogpost about all that – two flights and a cheap hotel and English people and me outside my comfort zone is bound to provide some kind of drama.

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