I’ve gone a week without my little car and have barely moved from my little village at all. It kind of worries me how much I love the solitude. I “should” miss being around people, but I really don’t. 

I do miss the freedom of having the car. As it turns out, the problem wasn’t the starter, although the starter isn’t working very well and will eventually break. The problem is the fuel pump. 

My mechanic took seven days to put in the new fuel pump, partly because he refused to buy a new one. A new fuel pump would be €150, and he managed to get a second hand one for €40. Yesterday, he phoned me to say the car was ready. 

He picked me up to bring me to my car. (I ❤ the kindness of country life). Actually, first he drove me to Longford to go to an ATM so I could pay him and then he drove me out to his garage, with a very yappy dog with sharp looking teeth running around on the back seat. We made conversation about the weather (mild) and the flu (there’s apparently a bad one going around). The drive was a very fast one on a very narrow and windy road and the soundtrack of various road safety ads echoed in my mind as we zoomed along. His garage is a yard with a big shed and no signage of any sort. The only car there was mine. 

He sat into my car and turned on the engine to demonstrate that it was working. But it wasn’t working. The second-hand fuel pump had broken. He was clearly very embarrassed and he drove me back to my house apologetically, blushing as I’d caught him doing unspeakable things to my exhaust pipe. 

The car is getting a brand new fuel pump and should be ready on Monday. 
I’m working in Dublin for the weekend and came into Longford in a taxi to get the train. The taxi was so full of cigarette ash that it was like being on the inside of a snow globe. 

Before I went to the train station I popped into Boots to weigh myself. I’ve lost another three pounds. It’s the first time in forever I’ve followed a diet for two whole weeks and it’s impossible not to get excited. 

It’s going to be a good weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for me. 

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