Destiny’s Child

As you all know, I have handed in my notice in Vietnam and I am leaving for a new contract in Turkey in April. Because I adore Istanbul and also because I know that Vietnam, although amazing, isn’t for me long term.

Except you also know that I’ve been having doubts.

And I have my dreams. I didn’t do a PhD so I could go into TEFL teacher training management. I remember saying in 2007 that I would be happy to get the qualification to be a CELTA teacher trainer and I would never actually bother giving a course. I’ve now given the course over 20 times, and I’m ready for what’s next.

And then there’s the promise I made to myself when I was doing my PhD and doubting everything about everything. “When this is over, I’m going to try to be a writer.”

So, I pulled the plug. I emailed Istanbul late on Sunday night and told them I couldn’t commit to a long-term contract. I was out.

The job, my job, has been re-advertised. And I’m still leaving Ho Chi Minh City in April. I’m not saying I won’t work. And I’m not saying I won’t travel to interesting places. But for the moment, I’m happy to stick with part-time and short-term contracts.

And I’m going to pursue my dreams. I currently have three plans on the boil:

  1. The book of the blog: a collection of humorous and personal essays, using my last blogpost “Three Years in Hall” as a skeleton. Think Bridget Jones meets David Sedaris meets Dawson’s Creek.
  2. The novel I’ve been working on. I tried to make it not turn out to be an erotic novel and I have failed. It is going to be absolute filth, which I’m both proud and embarrassed to say comes easily to me.
  3. My Body Histories project: I am going to attempt a big research and writing project, semi-academic, semi-journalistic, and I’m going to try and raise money for it through kickstarter. It’s a project where I take the oral histories of lots of people’s bodies, their relationship with their bodies, the changes that have happened to their bodies, or that they have made to their bodies, how their stories have been impacted by their bodies and how their bodies have been impacted by their stories. It’s going to be a sensation!

I’m not sure exactly how all this will happen, how I’ll make money, or which one of these projects will actually take the lead (I hope to complete all 3), but I know that I’ve got to move forward and I’ve got to try to make them happen.

It’s my destiny. And I am Destiny’s Child. It’s the Moonlight. And I can’t fight the Moonlight.

PS: If, in a year’s time, I’m going from language school to language school, knocking on doors and begging for a long-term contract in TEFL teacher training management, feel absolutely free to say “I told you so!”

PPS: Wish me luck! I’m going to need it.

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