Step One: Choosing a Name

So, 2014 will be the year I try drag.

I know that some people are struggling to understand this. I don’t want to be a cross-dresser.  I don’t want a sex change. I want to be a queen. I want to create a new persona to inhabit. I want to be me by creating someone new to be. I want a path for my fabulous that my current form won’t accommodate. I want to carve a space for me, a niche of my own in the world. A niche with rhinestones. And glitter. 

So, the first decision is to choose a name. The first time I chose a drag name, it was kind of secret. I told one person. I would be Amanda. That gradually grew, so it became Lady Amanda Montenotte. (Montenotte is the poshest part of Cork and the most ladylike placename I know.)

Lady Amanda Montenotte would be known to her friends as Mandy. 

But I have never felt enough like an Amanda. Or a Mandy. And then there’s that awful Barry Manilow/Westlife song. I can’t be dealing with people singing that at me all the time. 

So, I decided on Lady CoCo Montenotte. That worked. 

But it didn’t have magic. I need magic. And nothing in this world is quite as magical as “starlight”, so in the run-up to Christmas, I decided to go for CoCo Starlight. No longer a lady, but a mistress of magic. 

And I still love CoCo Starlight. 

But there are a lot of CoCos around. And then it occurred to me: “Felony”. It sounds girly, but it’s naughty and illegal. Perfect!

Felony Starlight

Or Fellony Starlight

Or Fellonee Starlight

Or Phellonee Starlight

Or Phelony Starlight

Or Phelon E. Starlight

I also considered Miss Demeanour Felony. It sounds great, but I don’t think it’s me. I could never be that hip hop. 

I think Felony would go well with a German surname. The first one I thought of was Weisenberger. It sounds good: Felony Weisenberger, like a tough, up-and-coming, no-nonsense Wall Street lady lawyer. I googled Weisenberger. Apparently the most famous Weisenberger was a WW2 Wehrmacht officer. Maybe not. 

So, for the moment I’m trying on “Felony Starlight”. I’ll let you know if it fits. 

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