The Plan

After almost two weeks of being broke, I was due to be paid at midnight last night. I’ve worked a lot over the last month and the paycheque amount was significant.

Pay usually arrives in my account between 12:14 and 12:18 am.

This was my plan:
1. Before I went to sleep, as soon as the pay hit my account, I would pay my phone bill and my utilities bill for Hall online. Both are late.
2. I was also planning to price pom poms online. It’s no one’s business but my own if I want to learn cheerleading routines in the privacy of my own bedroom. I also think pom poms are decorative and would make a positive addition to any home.
3. I would get up early and buy a 30-day bus ticket.
4. Then I would go into town and get a haircut.
5. I would buy the things I’ve put off buying until payday. I need toilet roll, superglue and an umbrella. I left my last umbrella on the Venice-Bergamo train.
6. I would return to Bikram Yoga. I haven’t had the money to go in ages. I would go to the 12:00 noon class.
7. I would meet a friend for lunch and repay her the significant sum I owe her.
8. I would wander around town repaying the various people who’ve loaned me smaller amounts over the last week or so.
9. I would pay the €20ish fine I’ve managed to accumulate in the college library, so I’d be allowed to borrow books again.
10. I had to achieve this on a timeline because it’s Trinity Ball day and I have to be back in Hall on time to manage the chaos this afternoon.

When I checked my account after midnight last night, it read minus €17, as it has all week.

I was annoyed but not that worried. The clocks changed last week and I figured the bank had forgotten to change their computers to summer time.

But when I woke up this morning, there was still only minus €17 there. I panicked.

I wrote an email to the lady in the payroll company, who I have never met, telling her I was panicking.

Eventually, we got an email telling us that there had been an error with payroll.

I got paid at 1:00 pm. I was relieved. But my plan was ruined.

I’ll write a proper blogpost about Paris and about my amazing April plans over the weekend, but that’ll do for now.

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