Connor: Success Machine

I spent over two hours walking yesterday.

A month ago a walk to the local Tesco Express (about 7 minutes away) exhausted me. And now I can walk for two hours and not even really feel it after.

On Tuesday night I emailed my supervisor 9000 words of PhD. That’s more than I wrote in the entirety of 2013.

He said it was a “fine piece of work”. And not in a sarcastic way.

I got so inspired that I’ve ordered intellectual books from Amazon. And I’ve come up with a new title for my thesis. One that has alliteration. Which is all that really matters.

It’s exciting to be me again. My clothes are fitting me differently. The end of my belt now reaches all the way around to my bum crack.

On Thursday morning, I was looking at old photos of myself that I found while I was transferring files from one computer to another. There was a photo of me at a Justin Timberlake concert in summer 2007. And I looked handsome in it. And happy. My hair was very short in the photo. An idea began to percolate in my mind.

That lunchtime I was walking down Grafton Street. I saw a woman holding a sign saying “Free haircuts”. God was clearly speaking to me. I went with her to her barbering school. I sat down and shocked her by saying “A number one all over please.”

After checking if I was sure about a hundred times, she started and I watched in the mirror. It was an incredible feeling. It was like seeing myself emerging from a disguise. As the hair came off, I was anti-Samson. I felt my powers returning. I felt my youth coming back. I really do look three years younger.

20140125-122020 p.m..jpg

SO EXCITING! I love new haircuts.

Everything’s coming up daffodils.

And I haven’t binged once in January. I haven’t been uncomfortably full ever in the last 25 days. This is a miracle.

Food is still my biggest battle. And I doubt myself and waver every day. And most days I still get upset about food at least once.

Breakfast (fruit) and lunch (soup) have both been fine. Dinners have been OK, but I could definitely do a better job of controlling portions. I haven’t lost any weight at all in the last five days.

So I’m going back on the juice diet for the next five days. I’m ready to smell of kale again. Bleurgh! And yay!

Wish me luck!

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