Day Five

Unbelievably, I’ve been “good” for five days. I’m halfway through my ten-day juice fast, living on nothing but fresh fruit and vegetable juice. 

Firstly, the good things: my head is clearer and my breathing is easier (even though I have a cold!) I haven’t been hungry at all. My joint pains are much better than five days ago. I feel lighter and walking is already easier. 

On the other hand, there have been some drawbacks. I haven’t been hungry, but I have had food cravings. And it’s not my usual cravings – for pizza, for bread, for biscuits. Instead, I’ve been craving any food that involves mince meat. For the past twenty-four hours, I’ve been having graphic and not completely unsexual fantasies about lasagne, burgers, shepherd’s pie and spaghetti bolognese.

And everything smells of kale. A month ago, I didn’t even know what kale was. And now my entire life smells of kale. My kitchen smells of kale. My bathroom smells of kale. The corridor outside my flat smells of kale. I imagine the flats on either side of me are beginning to smell of kale. My hands smell of kale. The inside of my mouth tastes of kale. My farts, however, smell apple-y, which is different at least.

And I’m sick of drinking green stuff. I’m so tired of green things that when a friend of mine put a photo of a forest up on Facebook today, I hid it from my feed. The thought of green things just makes my stomach turn. One of the aims of this juice fast is to tune my taste-buds to like/want fruit and vegetables. It hasn’t happened yet. 

But I’m doing this. And I’m getting results.

I weighed myself today. Day Five. I now weigh 25 stone 8. So I’ve lost TWENTY-ONE pounds. That’s a stone and a half.  Nine kilos. In FIVE DAYS.

I know that it’s only water weight and Christmas weight, but WOW! That’s the kind of number they get on The Biggest Loser, and my life is nothing like The Biggest Loser. Jillian Michaels has never screamed at me about my relationship with my mother while I vomited over a treadmill. 

Five more days to go. And I think I’ll make it, in spite of all the kale. 

And more impressive for me, in some ways, is that I’ve kept my resolution about not taking the lift the two stories up to my flat. I’ve made big changes before, but I’m absolutely rubbish at small changes. I can’t count how many times I promise myself I’ll drink more water, or take the stairs instead of the lift and I can never, ever do it. But I’ve been up and down those 28 steps more times in the last five days than in the year and a half I’ve lived here.

Yay for me, for stairs and for TWENTY-ONE pounds in five days!

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1 Response to Day Five

  1. T says:

    Incredible numbers, absolutely fantastic. Fair play my friend

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