Oh the metaphors!

So, you know where I was when I left you last. I was preparing myself. At 1:55, I readied the last few things. I dug out my condoms and LITERALLY had to dust them. OH THE METAPHORS!

At 2:00, I sat down with my phone and my computer. And waited. I checked if my phone had reception. And I refreshed the page on my computer a billion times.

There was no call, no text, no email and no message.

He must have chickened out.

At 4:00, I went to buy some food. I’d been avoiding food for hours as part of my preparations and was half-starved. As I walked back from the shop, it started snowing on me. Oh the magic! OH THE METAPHORS!

I’m fine. I’m relieved.

I’ll just have to climb back on that horse another day.

Or rather the horse will have to climb back on me. OH THE METAPHORS!

Sorry about that one.

I have kept an eye on my phone and on the webpage where I met him – just in case.

And at 7:15 tonight, a woman I’ve never met, spoken to, or (as far as I know) communicated with before, tweeted me to ask if I’d done the deed, so I thought I’d better clarify matters for the internet as a whole.

And now I’m just trying to get my funding application written. It’s only like a million words long.

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