A Christmas celebrity

My PhD Office is more of a corridor space than an office, but there are six desks here and we’re all very happy. It’s a social place that lecturers come in and out of frequently, because you have to go through our space to get to the Head of School’s office or to get paper for the photocopier (two equally important activities). On Fridays, it’s not unusual for me to be the only one here. I’ve been sitting happily at my desk for the last forty minutes, during which time four different lecturers came in. I only realised five minutes ago that I had my headphones plugged into the microphone jack and not the headphone jack. So, all four lecturers know that I wasn’t studying, but in fact watching clips from Mean Girls on YouTube.

That’s fine, though, because I’ve been bringing the Christmas cheer around with me for the last week or so. I have tinselled the hell out of my backpack, so now it looks like I have Christmassy wings when I walk around. People smile at me. I get compliments from strangers in the street and in lifts. As I walked into my office this morning, a class of thirty or so people was going on in the classroom that you can see from our window. They all waved at me, and when I waved back, they laughed, cheered and clapped. Strangers cheering for me!

That’s right, folks, I AM CHRISTMAS. Je suis Qrissemasse.

My Christmas headdress got its first public airing at a friend’s DVD launch on Wednesday. I was a hit. People wanted to know if it was professionally made. That’s how good I am at constructing Christmabelia. The headdress has a tail of tinsel and two red and gold baubles. This gives me an impressive sweep when I move my head. I can flick my tinsel like a diva to show disapproval or winsomeness, like I’m Mariah Carey or Joan Crawford. The headdress is a thing of beauty that people stop me in the street to ask about or to photograph. And as I was crossing campus wearing it on Wednesday, a girl stopped me and told me she loved my hat. Then she paused and said, “And I love your blog too.”

I don’t think I’d ever clapped eyes on this girl in my life. I was too shocked to really respond. And she walked away.

I’m actually 96% sure I know who she was, but I’m choosing to believe that I’m just that famous, that people recognise me in the streets.

This one is for all my fans. 😉

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3 Responses to A Christmas celebrity

  1. Laurie says:

    No way! Next you'll be making and appearance in the Aer Lingus magazine.

  2. As I said to Peter… I've not yet met you but love the blog. Christmas cheer from co Armagh 🙂

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