Tonight was the Halloween party in Hall. We were all on duty. And I now can’t stop smiling. Why am I so happy?

  • The Warden smiled at me tonight. Twice. 
  • He also admired my haircut. I’M TOTALLY INSIDE THE CIRCLE NOW. 
  • A boy dressed as Lady GaGa tonight, by wrapping himself in raw rashers of bacon and clingfilm.
  • Another boy put on a bra and filled it with pepper and curry powder. He was a spice rack.
  • The 12 Assistant Wardens are the strangest group of people ever assembled for one purpose, like a league of ramshackle postgraduate superheroes gathered together by a drunken mutant master. Just looking around at the other A-Wardz makes me smile. 
  • The fact that I now call the Assistant Wardens A-Wardz. 
  • I got hugs from two of the other Assistant Wardens tonight, including the most adorable boy in the world. 
  • I was consulted for my gay know-how by another adult gay tonight, like some kind of homo-guru. 
  • The number of people who admired my haircut, both students and staff, rocks. 
  • The Welfare Officer of the JCR went to the nightclub carrying a River Island bag, full of condoms. When he’s in a nightclub, he is (in his own words) “ravaged” until they’re all gone. 
  • More than one person smiled when they saw me tonight. Because I bring the happy. 
  • There are now a THOUSAND extra people in my life to gossip about. Not that the A-Wardz gossip. Ever.
  • At least one of the other Assistant Wardens is willing to chat to me about nothing till 4:30 in the morning. 
  • Drunk teenagers are intrinsically entertaining.
  • There is a photograph of me inside the door of the “house” for which I’m responsible. Every time the girls from Flat 87.09 pass this photo, i.e. every time they go into or out of their building, they kiss my photograph. That’s how ADORABLE I am. 
I’m going to sleep happy tonight. Happy Halloween!
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1 Response to HALL-oween

  1. Rachael says:

    a smashing good time indeed! Happy Halloween!

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