Hot or Not

What’s hot:

  • My supervisor, who patiently put up with me having a mini-breakdown in his office this afternoon and managed to make everything alright again in the space of an hour. 
  • Vincent Browne read out my tweet on live TV. I’m soooo going to be famous. Oh. My. Actual. God. Like. 
  • Clay: having experimented with gel, wax and hairspray, I have decided hair clay is the product that best works for my current upstyle.
  • My students, who were lovely and cheerful, in spite of me teaching every single possible comparative structure in a glump of grammatical sludge this morning
  • My PhD colleagues, some of whom complimented my hair, others who hugged me, others who were patient while I flapped and clutched my chest overdramatically (I was quite epically dramatic in college today). 
  • My work buddies, old and new, who never fail to make me laugh
  • The lovely dimples on the nice young man speaking about the Labour Party on Tonight with Vincent Browne today
  • This bunny rabbit, who was doing the rounds of Facebook today.

What’s not:
  • The amount of crap in the world.
  • This year’s X Factor.
  • The fact that I ran out of money this morning.
  • The vast amounts of rubbish I’ve eaten in the last three days.
  • The fact that the 8:05 bus just didn’t come this morning.
  • Having a mechanic laugh at me down the phone.
  • The fact that I chickened out of going back to boxing yet again.
  • The epic hyperventilating and palpitations that I engaged in today.
  • My digestive system.
  • The fact that I skipped WeightWatchers today, not that I could have afforded to go anyway.
  • Everything that’s not the little bunny rabbit above.
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2 Responses to Hot or Not

  1. Darragh says:

    You just get back up on your horse and start again. No biggie.You should probably consider quitting boxing though. It only makes you feel bad for not going. Change your exercise strategy to something guilt free.

  2. Thanks. I don't think there is any exercise that I don't feel guilty about not doing! I don't think it's boxing's fault. Not going to boxing certainly never sends me into the vicious spirals of self-hatred that not going running has! And when I do go to boxing, it makes me so disproportionately happy that it's worth all the guilt and fear.

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