A New Dawn: First (as if – lol) Weigh-in 22nd April 2012

Here we go again!

It’s diet time. And this time I mean it. I genuinely believe that this time is different, because:

A) I always believe it’s different this time.

B) I am now really good at doing hard stuff (running – only four runs left on the Couch-to-5K; coming out – tick; giving up smoking – tick).

C) I quite like myself at the moment. My PhD is real. I’m doing well at work. I’m a runner. And my gentleman friend says I have the perfect amount of hair on my arms, and do you know what? It’s true. I really do have the perfect amount of hair on my arms.

D) I feel in control.

So, tomorrow morning, I’m starting back on the Tony Ferguson diet – that’s milkshakes and weightloss bars instead of breakfast and lunch, two pieces of fruit and one protein-based dinner. And as much salad as I want. While I have the wind in my sails, I want to get as much weight off as possible. I had a last supper of pizza tonight and then measured and weighed myself. Here it is:

Neck: 17.5 inches/ 44.9 cm
Arm: 16 inches/ 40.8 cm
Chest: 51 inches/ 129.4 cm
Waist: 56.25 inches/ 142.8 cm
Thigh: 27.25 inches/ 69.3 cm

I weigh 23 stone 1.5 pounds/323.5 pounds/ 146.7 kg. My BMI is 49.2 and my body fat percentage is 42.8%.

Next weigh-in is next Sunday. Wish me luck!

PS: there seems to be confusion out there about the third date. It did happen. It was nice, but not as exciting or as bloggable-about as dates one and two.

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