Seventh Weigh-in, Tuesday, the 20th December 2011

Last week featured theatrical gin, an entire night of beer, at least one pizza, an epically generous Christmas dinner, the School of Education Christmas party and a post-Doctor’s-visit binge. I expected to gain weight. I wasn’t even trying to diet. So, I was mightily surprised when I measured and weighed myself one last time before Christmas (yesterday morning) and this was the result:

Neck: 17 inches/ 43 cm (down)
Arm: 16 inches/ 40.6 cm (down)
Chest: 50.75 inches/ 129.1 cm (down)
Waist: 53.5 inches/ 136 cm (down)
Thigh: 26.5 inches/ 67.5 cm (same)

Weight is 23 stone 1.5 pounds/ 323.5 pounds/ 146.7 kilos.
My BMI is 49, and my body fat is 10 stone 1.75 lbs or 43.8%.

So, I’m down a pound and a half or 0.7 kilos. I should “not diet” more often.

I’m not weighing in or measuring myself over Christmas, although I’m sure that knowing the exact circumference of my thigh would brighten up all your Christmases.

I have a plan. Again.

In the first week of January, I’m going back to WeightWatchers. I have a long and varied history with WeightWatchers. But they were with me for my two most successful weightloss attempts. As a teenager, I lost over 3 stone with them. I then gained over a stone with them. Four years ago, I lost 5 and a half stone with them. Then I gained 2, while still going to the meetings. On my count, this will be my eighth time going back there. I feel like someone who keeps leaving and rejoining the same cult. But, it’s a sensible, grown-up, moderate diet that has worked for me before, so here I go.

In the second week of January, I’m going to start swimming lessons. I have already paid for 8 lessons in Dublin’s cheapest pool. You’re all going to have to start calling me Flipper.

Finally, in the third week of January, college activities will have re-started. I’m going to go back to the Boxing Club. And actually attend this time.

Three resolutions. And it’s only the 21st December. No stopping me now.

Wish me luck!

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One Response to Seventh Weigh-in, Tuesday, the 20th December 2011

  1. tracey quinn says:

    Connor that is brilliant fair play to you im fighting the fat in January too just totally feel like im going around in circles best of luck with it all sweetheart knock em dead xxx and happy christmas xx

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