Pianophilia, Joy, Money and Christmas

I’m happier than I was the last time I posted. I’ve done some of my Christmas shopping and I’m far more satisfied with it than last year. Of course that means I only have €3. But I’m getting paid on Tuesday, so I’ll be able to do even more Christmas shopping then. Except I have to pay next term’s rent first.

I negotiated a schedule for payment of rent with the Warden. It was due on the 15th December. I didn’t have it, so I wrote an email to him (having checked when I’d be working) proposing that I pay half of it on the 20th December and the other half on the 25th of January.

The warden didn’t respond, but one of the admin staff did, eventually, with an official document, detailing the terms of my proposal as I had suggested. I was delighted to agree.

I didn’t bargain for the fact that I actually won’t have the money on the 20th. I’m not getting my full pay until the 21st. So I’m going to be late for the payment that I scheduled myself. So now, I have to make an eejit out of myself and go back to the Warden and explain. I am a dolt.

But, as I said earlier, I’m a happy dullard. I was at a musical on Thursday – White Christmas. It was wonderful. It made me happy for many, many reasons. Only in the musical theatre can you get away with rhyming “heart” with”smart”, “mister” with “sister” or “romance” with “pants” and be taken seriously. There was a song, set on a train to Vermont, about snow, where all the passengers sang of their love for snow, including immortal sentiments, like “I want to wash my hair in snow”. The audience were asked to sing along for “White Christmas” and, magically, it started snowing in the audience while we sang. It was amazing. But, by far the best moment of the night was the first song after the interval. It starts off unpromisingly, with a girl telling us about how trombones are OK, but then it turns into the best thing you have ever seen ever in your life.

It is a love song to a piano. A piano. A little piano came onto the stage and two of the characters express entirely inappropriate feelings toward it. They want to run their fingers over it. The want to meddle with the pedal. They shimmy and drape themselves over it. The chorus spells out “piano”, except to fit into the rhythm of the music they spell it “P-I-A-N-O-O-O”, which is how I imagine a French homosexual piano from the 1920s might spell its name. Then, they tap dance. For the piano.

Every night should include someone doing erotic tapdancing to seduce an inanimate object. It really made 2011 worthwhile.

After the musical, and a gin, I went home to do some corrections. But first I watched an episode of Glee. Then I caught up with New Girl and Modern Family. I didn’t start my corrections until 2:00. I didn’t get very many done, though I stayed up most of the night. Now, normally, I’d be upset by this. But the tapdancing pianophiliacs kept my spirits high.

We had a meeting on Friday, at which I was expected to hand in the corrected assignments. I slept in, after my corrections all-nighter, and arrived late, bedraggled, with tinsel falling out of my pockets and off my bag, dark circles around my eyes and a vague aura of Christmas joy clinging to me. No one minded that I wasn’t finished. I like to think that they were happy at second hand from my having watched White Christmas and therefore didn’t mind.

I promised to get them done this weekend.

After the meeting, I went to bed for a few hours. Then I went to a party, Until 7:00 am. So Saturday was a write-off. Other than Harry’s magnificent win in Strictly Come Dancing. Today was mainly a long Christmas lunch (with turkey and ham and stuffing and roast potatoes and everything), that I arrived an hour and a half late to. It’s now nearly 10:00 on Sunday night. I’d better get correcting!

I’ll blog again soon. I did promise to weigh myself every week till Christmas. And I will. For now, corrections.

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