The One Where Connor Rocks

Today, I’m wearing a tie (for work – boo!), tinsel (for Christmas -yay!) and no underpants (I really must do some laundry).

It’s been a good few days. I (almost accidentally) finished a draft of a chapter of my thesis yesterday. I had been a blocked about writing for a few days. Then, someone told me that I didn’t have to do my PhD, that I could do whatever I wanted.

I dismissed the thought. But it festered. I imagined myself teaching CELTA courses by a pool in Thailand, while writing my novel. Carried away in my fantasies, writing suddenly seemed easy and I tapped out the last few paragraphs of the chapter without much drama.

So, the next time I’m struggling with my PhD, I just have to remind myself that it doesn’t really matter and I could be doing something much more fun. The only danger is if I actually realise that it doesn’t matter and do end up by a pool in Thailand. Catch 22.

I went for my second swimming lesson yesterday. Last week, I was proud of myself for getting in the water. This week, I actually swam.

Note: I did not actually swim.

I floated, while clinging on to a floaty board thingy and kicking. But it rocked! And I rocked! When my friend first let go of the floaty board thingy and it was just me, horizontal, in the deep end, I couldn’t believe that I didn’t sink. When it worked a second and a third time, I got a bit hyper-happy. And I threatened to make vigorous love to anyone who was listening.

It was a most excellent evening.

I promised that I’d be good with food this week, and I’ve certainly been better than last week. I’ve had my shake for breakfast every day, I’ve been drinking gallons of water. I’ve had my good lunch too. Dinnertime has been a bit out of control, but I don’t mind. December Connor is beating the crap out of November Connor. Yay!

P.S. I considered naming this post “The Joy of Going Commando”, but then thought better of it.

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2 Responses to The One Where Connor Rocks

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good stuff on the swimming Connor! Eileen

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