Fifth Weigh-in, Monday, the 5th of November 2011

It’s been a funny week. Food hasn’t been my friend.

However, I have managed to reduce the volume, if not the quality, of what I ate a bit.

I have over €100 of Tony Ferguson diet shakes and bars in my wardrobe so I can’t give up on that diet just yet without wasting money I don’t have. Also, when I actually follow it, it’s very easy.

What I ate last week included two Yorkies, a bag of “Love to Share” Munchies (I didn’t share them), a pack of Caramel Digestives, three muffins, two breakfast rolls, five sausage rolls, a takeaway pizza, a serving of taco fries, a bowl of chips, eight pints of beer and a bottle of Lilt.

But I feel fairly good about the whole diet project.

I realise how silly that sounds, but nobody (including me) believed that I’d really given up smoking when I finally did so. I know I’m the boy who cried “diet”, but I’m actually very confident about this week. I’ve been very good today and don’t see why I wouldn’t be tomorrow. And the day after.

I measured and weighed this morning and I appear to have done relatively well.

Measurements: These are good. Surprisingly good.
Neck: 17 inches/ 43 cm (down)
Arm: 15.75 inches/ 39.9 cm (down)
Chest: 50 inches/127 cm (down)
Waist: 55.5 inches/ 140.9 cm (down)
Thigh: 26.25 inches/ 67.1 cm (same)

Weight: 22 stone 13.25 lbs / 321.25 pounds/ 145.7 kilos.
BMI is 48.8. Body fat is 9 stone 13lbs or 43.2%.

So I’m down three quarters of a pound. Back below my start weight from April 2010, thank God. The only way is up, meaning – of course – that the only way is down – for my weight.

Wish me luck!

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