Third Weigh-in, Sunday, 20th November 2011

Two notes from the world of celebrity: First, Craig got knocked out of the X Factor. I really hope he doesn’t hit the biscuits hard. I believe in reality TV weightloss miracles and I don’t want to lose my innocence.

The second piece of celebrity news is the Kerry Katona is no longer bankrupt. The woman is possibly the most hideous mess of a British celebrity ever, but she has kicked the drugs, got rid of the no-good loser husband, lost weight and fixed her financial problems. All because of Dancing On Ice and Celebrity Big Brother. And her children. But mainly the reality shows.

I hate myself a little for being jealous of a woman whose most successful man-choice was Bryan McFadden.

Anyway, much like the Katona, I have my own self-improvement project going on. And it’s been a good week. I still haven’t smoked a cigarette. I passed the six-month barrier this week. I’m doing very well in college, literally thousands of words spilling out onto the page since Tuesday. I have got a Dublin City Council grant and will hopefully be able to clear my tax bill before I land in court.

I generally feel good about myself. I’m certainly not in a “dark place”. I’m not avoiding social occasions. In fact, I’m seeking them out. And enjoying them. I’m not avoiding college either, having had a wonderful week.

And yet, I find myself completely rubbish at dieting. I have cheated badly on five of the seven days since the last weigh-in.

I have been drinking lots of water and taking my fibre. So my body’s coping with the excess, but I’m absolutely disgusted with myself.

I try to cast my mind back to the morning after the Eurovision Song Contest. When I got up and stopped smoking. And it worked. After countless half-hearted, crappy attempts. I gave up smoking. Can’t the same happen with dieting? One day, it’ll just “click” and I’ll be able to do it? Please God let tomorrow be that day.

Pretty please?

Here goes:
Measurements: (up and down, but not too bad)
Neck:17.25 inches/ 44.1 cm (up)
Arm: 16.25 inches/ 41.5 cm (up)
Chest: 51 inches /129.8 cm (down)
Waist: 55.25 inches/ 140.3 cm (down)
Thigh: 30.5 inches/ 77.8 cm (up)

Weight: 23 stone 4 pounds/ 326 pounds/ 147.8 kilos.
BMI is 49.4 and my body fat is 10 stone 3.75 pounds or 44.1%.

So, I’ve gained 2 pounds, the best part of a kilo.

It’s no disaster. But I really would like to have the numbers go the other way. Really and truly.

Wish me luck!

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