Second Weigh-in of the New Era, Sunday, 13th November 2011

Having seen very little of my housemates for the past ten days, I sat down with them tonight to be sociable. One boy was having a plate of peas and ketchup for his dinner. Followed by alphabet soup.

Another had some cheese sandwiches. I watched with growing horror as he made them. He put four slices of bread on a plate. He put an easi-single onto each slice. He then sprinkled sugar on top of them. Then, he added another slice of bread on top of each of these. That’s eight slices of bread, with sugar and processed cheese. Then, to make the whole experience even more stomach-churning, he popped the plate in the microwave. And he sat down and ate them all. Washing them all down with swigs from a bottle of Spar American Cola. That’s four microwaved cheese and sugar sandwiches with own-brand cola. Before bed.

I didn’t eat as well as I could have today. But I can go to sleep, safe in the knowledge that I ate more healthily than my housemate.

I have had another break-out today. I don’t know what prompted it. I felt very happy with myself after bouncing back from my fall off the wagon on Thursday. Then I resisted temptation last night. I sat in my car and drove to a petrol station with every intention of buying lots and lots of chocolate last night, but after an agonising internal struggle I turned the car around and went back home without cheating.

After all that victory, I was feeling cock of the walk (hardee harr harr). I felt like the best dieter ever born.

And then I fell so far out of the wagon today it’s amazing I didn’t break any bones.

Lunch was the “Big Daddy Box” from KFC. They might as well call it the “Fat Man Box”. With extra onion rings. (I don’t even like onion rings.) Followed by four Cadbury Twirls.

So I may have a very bad result on those scales. It’s almost like I wanted to fail. But whatever the result, I’m feeling positive. My mindset is far more diety than this time last week and I’m fairly confident about tomorrow.

Here goes. I’m going to run to the loo first. Then I’ll measure and weigh.

OK. I’m back.

Measurements: more down than up!
Neck: 17 inches/ 43.3 cm (down)
Arm: 15.25 inches/ 38.6 cm (down)
Chest: 51.75 inches/ 131.4 cm (up)
Waist: 56.25 inches/ 142.8 cm (down)
Thigh: 27.5 inches/ 69.4 cm (up)

Weight: 23 stone 2 pounds/ 324 pounds/ 146.9 kilos.
BMI is 49.1 . Body fat is 9 stone 12.25 lbs or 42.7%.

So. I’ve lost three quarters of a pound or 400 grams. These may not be statistically significant differences. But they’re very significant to me. If I can lose weight after the two massive break-outs this week, imagine how much I’m going to lose this week when I totally kick ass at dieting. It’s going to be phenomenal.

Wish me luck!

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