Thirty-third Weigh-in, Friday, 13th May 2012

It’s that time of the week, when I weigh and measure myself like a laboratory rat. I have been writing about fairly non-diety issues recently, but not because I’ve been embarrassed. In fact, I’ve been doing much better, but I hasten to add that I haven’t been uniformly good. 

I’ve been yo-yo dieting, like the magazines tell us not to do. Like a karma chameleon. Like a teenager before prom. But it has stabilised a bit again and I’m feeling relatively confident.  

I’m spending my summer in Strasbourg and in Cambridge and need to commit to making the difference now. I have seven weeks before I jet off. Seven weeks is enough time to make a difference. I fear that six weeks isn’t enough so it’s stand and deliver time.   

Measurements: mainly around the same. My thigh and my neck are bigger, but my waist is smaller. 

Neck: 17.25inches/ 44cm
Arm:15 inches/ 38cm
Chest: 49inches/ 124.7 cm
Waist: 52.75 inches/ 134 cm
Thigh: 28 inches/ 71.2 cm

Weight: 21 stone  7.5lbs/301.75 lbs/136.8kg. So I’m down 9 pounds or 4.2 kilos.   
My BMI is 45.7and my body fat:9 stone 1.5 lbs or 42.2%.

A good weigh-in, and a good start to the summer. Hopefully, I’ll emerge on the other side, shrouded in skinny glory!

Wish me luck!  

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One Response to Thirty-third Weigh-in, Friday, 13th May 2012

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good luck! Enjoy Strasbourg. Not too much flammekueche when you're there, ok? Delicious though it may be 🙂

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