Thirtieth Weigh-in, Friday, 25th March 2011

I have been very positive about exercise recently. Unfortunately, I ran into a little exercise dilemma this week. I’ve doubled my walking time in the last few days, spending up to three hours a day walking/running. That’s one eighth of a day. 

This has had an effect on me. My feet kind of bubbled up, if you know what I mean. I smear germolene on at nights. Needless to say, my feet hurt when I walk. 

My legs also hurt. That dull muscular post-exercise ache. This is worst when I sit down. 

So, my dilemma is this: the only way to stop my feet hurting is to stop walking. The only way to stop my legs hurting is to keep walking. 

Whatever shall I do? 

Anyway, I have a feeling today’s weigh-in will be a good one. 

Measurements: up and down, but largely unchanged. 
Neck: 17.25 inches/44.8cm (down)
Chest: 48.75 inches/124.8 cm (up a smidge)
Arm: 15 inches/37.8cm (up a little)
Waist: 53.25 inches/135 cm (up a little)
Thigh: 25.5 inches/65 cm (down)

Weight: 21 stone 8.5 lbs/302.5 lbs/137.2 kgs. That’s me down two and three quarter pounds (1.3 kg) Yipee! 
BMI is down to 45.8 
My body fat is 8 stone 10.25lbs or 40.6%  of me and my water percentge (still have no notion what this means) is 43.4

Two good weigh-ins in a row. Fingers crossed I don’t screw it up!

Wish me luck!      

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3 Responses to Thirtieth Weigh-in, Friday, 25th March 2011

  1. Anonymous says:

    mix more swimming into your exercise schedule to take the weight off your feet. if you have a bike, go cycling instead of run/walking once or twice a week. don't let blisters and aching feet sabotage your plan!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Exercise bike, rowing machine and cross trainer!You could also do upper body weights. But it sounds like you have torn muscle fibres – which is normal when you do exercise – but it's important to rest occasionally to allow the muscle to heal. Keep up the good work!Barry!

  3. Thanks for the advice, guys. My blisters are settling down now. And I do give my legs a rest. I barely move on Saturdays or Sundays, reverting to primordial sludge. Swimming and cycling are all well and good, but I don't know how to do either. I realise how ridiculous this is. I will learn. I'm planning to learn how to swim later in the year, once I've conquered running. I'll learn to cycle too eventually. Maybe in 2013. The main reason my walks are so long is that I've been walking to college from my new place. This takes over an hour. But I'm cool with that. I'll get used to it. And I can't really afford the petrol or the bus fare. Anyways, thanks again. And Barry, I love that you now sign your name with an exclamation mark. Very dashing.

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