Twenty-ninth Weigh-in, Friday 18th March 2011

So, I’ve been really, really good this week. Life has been mainly about protein. I may not quite have learned to love beans, but I now accept them as part of my life. 

Since Tuesday morning I knew this weigh-in would be good. In fact, I spent much of Tuesday looking in mirrors, admiring myself. I felt skinny. When I say skinny, I hope you understand that I use that word flexibly and that people who spend less time thinking about my body than me (there are some I know) may not notice any difference at all.  

Measurements: all down! Well down!  

Neck:16.75 inches/42.8 cm (down)
Chest: 48.5 inches/ 123.2 cm (down) 
Arm: 14.5 inches/ 36.9 cm (down) 
Waist: 52.75 inches/ 134 cm (waay down!)
Thigh: 25.75 inches/ 65.7 cm (down)

Weight: 21 stone 11.25 lbs/305.25 lbs/138.5 kgs. That’s six and three quarters pounds (3 kgs) down! 
BMI 46.2
Body fat: 8 stone 13lbs /41%
Water: 43%, whatever that means.

So it’s very good news. The beans are working their magic.

Wish me luck.   

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One Response to Twenty-ninth Weigh-in, Friday 18th March 2011

  1. Laurie says:

    Wow! Nice one Connor!

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