Twenty-Eighth Weigh-in, Sunday, 6th March 2011

This blog has been fairly whiny for quite a while now. By my reckoning, since October – give or take. I’ve whinged about my ankles, groaned about my finances, griped about my waistline and bemoaned my sleeping habits.

All that has changed. On the back of five positive, sunshiney optimistic posts, I appear to be a new man. 

I’ve been in college every day. Achieving stuff. I’ve made my return to the gym – I can now run 11 minutes, compared to 6 a week ago. I’ve started a new diet. I’ve paid off some of my bill mountain. It’s all good. And the weigh-ins are back. 

Don’t be expecting greatness folks. Bear in mind that this weigh-in takes in weeks of comfort eating and a birthday party. It’s a (nother) starting point. 

Here goes  

Neck: 17.5 inches/44.2 cm (up)
Chest: 50 inches/126.8cm (up)
Arm: 15.5 inches/39.3cm (up)
Waist: 56 inches/ 142.2 cm (waaay up)
Thigh: 29.5 inches/74.8 cm (up)

Weight: 22 stone 4 lbs/ 312lbs/ 141.5kgs. That’s up 8.5lbs or 4 kilos. 

My BMI is back up to 46.2 and body fat is 9 stone 2.75 lbs or 41.4% of me.

Wish me luck!     

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