Accountability Overdrive

So, my new life has come shuddering into being. I’ve moved. And it truly is the biggest bedroom anyone has ever had. Since the age of ten, I’ve never had a bed that wasn’t up against a wall. Now, my bed has three open sides, making it highly approachable. Every night, I face the decision of entry from the left, from the right, or indeed tunnelling up through the blankets from the bottom. It also means making the bed takes a matter of moments. A giant leap forward in Getting Things Done. 

My clothes can breathe again in their massive wardrobe. My little car has two spaces all to itself. And the choice of places in which to sit down is staggeringly wide.  

I have, after a false start, begun the diet I told you about last week. Six days a week, I will be eating nothing but meat, fish, eggs, veg and pulses (lots of pulses) and on the seventh day, I will carb up. I’ve started uploading pictures of my meals on and am going into accountability overdrive. 

Although smoking has been very up-and-down, I am feeling successful. I am falling in love with exercise again and am putting details of that on the tumblr site too. All-in-all, life is better than it has been in a long time.    

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