A cunning plan

So, my last non-poetic post was uber-positive. I was on a post-exercise high. The high has worn off, but the determination hasn’t. It’s going to be a busy weekend – I’ll be packing up and saying goodbye to my rundown little cottage. I need to be fully moved by Tuesday. 

I’ll write an ode to the cottage at a later date, but right now, I’m more interested in my plan for a fabulous new Connor. Once the move is complete, I’m starting a new diet. If you’re interested, it’s the one from Tim Ferris’ “Four-Hour Body”, which I got this week. The thing that attracts me most to this is that it’s boring. It doesn’t require thought or in-depth planning. You don’t need to cook extravagant dishes, and you don’t have to weigh stuff. Simple!

I’ll have to get over my fear of beans, but I’m feeling brave. 

I’ll be photographing every piece of food I eat and uploading it to tumblr, so if you’re insanely intersted in what I put in my mouth, then you’ll be able to see it. I’ll also be logging all my exercise there. I’ll be ready to launch all this on either Monday or Tuesday so I’ll keep you all posted on that.

The other wonderful thing about this diet is that once a week, I have a cheat day, where I can overdo it! Yay! From now on, I proclaim Saturday “cheat day”. On that day, I urge you all to engage the feeding instinct you inherited from your mothers and let me dose myself on carbs. It’s going to be awesome.     

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