Twenty-fifth Weigh-in, Sunday, 19th December, 2010

My house still has no heating between the hours of 7pm and 7am. I have to do a big clean-up in the morning, as I’ve rung my landlady and no doubt she and a plumber will be coming round. Can’t be letting in a plumber if I haven’t Mr Sheened the TV.

I’m also interviewing people at DCU tomorrow, which will require me to wear a suit. Now, that shouldn’t be a problem. I have a suit. However, when you have fat thighs, you go through trousers at an alarming rate. The insides of your thighs constantly rub off each other, so in about two to three months, a pair of trousers will be worn out. Every pair of trousers and jeans I currently own (except the ones with the 38-inch waists) has holes or significant wear in the general thigh/groin area. In a previous trouser-famine, I was wearing my suit trousers almost exclusively. This means that, as well as the hole between the legs, I was washing these dry-clean-only trousers in a regular washing machine and they have developed a series of tiny holes, like pock-marks. My pants have the pox.

The other problem is the fact that, having come back from holidays, I have no clean underpants. I washed them all while the water was still on today. However, I have no heating. The temperature in the house is currently minus four degrees, and I am trying to decide between the oven and the microwave as effective ways to dry them. I can’t interview people commando, can I?

Anyway, aside from all this, I am still feeling quite calm after my holiday. As I said, I ate quite well this week. I wasn’t counting calories, and I did have chips once, but I didn’t snack and I didn’t have any sweets. So I’m expecting something relatively good tonight.

Here goes! Incidentally, given that it’s minus four in here, it is very good of me to strip off.

Measurements: – mainly down!
Neck: 17.5 inches/44.4 cm (same)
Chest: 49.75 inches/126.3 cm (down – a lot!)
Arm:15 inches/ 38.1 cm (down)
Waist:54.75 inches/ 139.1 cm (down)
Thigh:26 inches/66.2 cm (up)

Weight: 22 st 4.5 lbs/312.5 lbs/141.75 kgs – I’m down one and three quarters pounds or three quarters of a kilo. Not bad for a post-holiday weigh-in.
My BMI continues to be morbidly obese at 47.5.

I can’t imagine that I’ll do another weigh-in before Christmas. I haven’t reached the target I set, but I have had one of the most positive weeks of this godawful year, so as long as I can hold on to that lying on a beach feeling, no worries!

Wish me luck!

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