The barely coherent ramblings of an insomniac

It’s 5:20 in the morning and I still haven’t gone to sleep. I’ve been in bed a good three hours, but I haven’t even got drowsy yet. It’s not the stresses and strains of life that are keeping me awake.

This morning, I didn’t get up particularly early. In fact, I was awake most of last night watching the results of the American Mid-term elections. Elections are my pornography. I don’t care what country they’re in or what office they’re for. I’m sure tomorrow, I won’t even know who Lisa Murkowski is, and I definitely won’t know who the new governor of Wisconsin is, but last night, I was scintillated.   

The only time I slept in for work in 2010 was the morning after the UK general election results.

And in other good news, there’s going to be a bye-election in Donegal before the end of the month. Luckily, that count should be over and done with by tea-time. 

Since the marathon, I’ve been making lots of excuses. “I did a marathon. I need to rest my body before I start exercising seriously again.” or “I’m in a financial crisis. Until I sort that out, I can’t possibly diet.” Basically, I’ve been crap. 

I suspect part of what’s keeping me awake tonight (as well as sleeping in till this afternoon) was my late supper of bread and cheese. Bold Connor. Bold. 

This insomnia would be ok, except I’ll have to be at work in DCU at 8:30. I have a very long gap in the middle of the day tomorrow, but I don’t finish till 9:00 p.m. Aargh! I may sneak home at lunch time for a snooze. So I don’t envisage a day of great productivity tomorrow. 

Anyway, as I say, I’m being fairly crap. Project Connor can only fool itself for so long. I laid out a goal at the end of the summer. 18 stone by Christmas. I’m still going for it. But, if I don’t make that, I’m going to shut this whole thing down. No more blog. There’s my carrot. Or stick. Whichever.    

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8 Responses to The barely coherent ramblings of an insomniac

  1. Sinead says:

    I don't know Connor – shutting down the blog spells doom. Maybe you need to modify your goals. Every day is new beginning. No more excuses. Get back on track. You've worked so hard. You de man!P.S. I still recommend having a look at sparkpeople.comVery American, but motivaitonal and inspirational – right up your street. It's free to join and I think you'll find a lot of like-minded people there. A big hug

  2. Aoife O'D says:

    I'm with Sinead, really don't shut down the blog, targets are only there to help you not to bludgeon yourself with, you are doing great

  3. Laurie says:

    I'll add my voice here as well. Don't shut down the blog! And don't give up on yourself. You are doing really well — after all, you did half the marathon! And despite setbacks you are still moving toward your goal weight.

  4. alhi says:

    Hell no, don't shut down the blog. You don't know me at all, all as I just happened on your blog, but you inspired me to fulfil last year's new year's resolution to get fit. I've got my gym to draw me up a 'routine' which will be reviewed every 6 weeks and havimg done it now for 3 weeks I've lost 5lb. The aim is a stone and a half by Christmas: we can do this together.

  5. Don't stop the blog! I love reading it. I think Sinéad who left the first comment is right though – it's tough to keep to a lose weight / get fit plan by yourself. I decided to try and train myself to run a few weeks back (when in Kenya…) I joined Running Mate on facebook and it's actually a great help just to read how other people are getting on. Go n-eirí leat x

  6. Moz says:

    You're not allowed shut this blog down until you've gotten a newspaper column out of it. I expect you to have replaced Roisin Ingle in the Saturday Irish Times within 12 months. And Madam doesn't hire quitters.

  7. Oh no! Now it looks like I was fishing for compliments! I wasn't – honestly. I'm not about to shut down the blog in a fit of pique. I'm just getting fairly tired of having my failures scrawled across the worldwide web and I'm searching hard for inspiration. This does include looking at runningmate and sparkpeople. But I am looking at other carrots and sticks and the blog has to be one of them. I will be coming up with a more reasonable goal this week. Thank you all for saying lovely things. Thanks especially to Alhi. It really is lovely to know you're out there! And Moz, I think I'd have to wait to prise that column out of Roisin's cold, dead hands.

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