A quick update

My oozing sores are dying down. I’m back to reality again. My number one focus right now is money. Like Judas Iscariot before me, I’m after 30 pieces of silver, so friends beware! If a Pharisee comes swanning by, I’ll sell you out like a ho would a greasy john.

My financial woes are now public knowledge. This may be unwise. It is now national news in the UK that Cherie Blair is bidding on spoons on eBay. When I’m rich and famous, this blog will be held against me in the same way. TV3 will “exclusively reveal” that I have a dangerous addiction to chicken fillet rolls with mayonnaise and cheese, and the Irish Times will write a long and boring piece on my battles with Bank of Ireland Credit Operations.

So let me now say that I am being eminently good. I have found a free accountant. I am writing an actual budget, which SHALL be typed. I am working every hour I can. And I have (almost) stopped buying National Lottery scratchcards.

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