Thrills, but no spills

I registered for college today. It’s been a lovely, sunny day. I’d like to say that I skipped gleefully over the cobblestones to the hall to register, but the truth is that I meandered over them in a slovenly fashion.

There was a sign on the door, saying “Closed for Registration”. Being a literalist, I took that to mean that the hall was closed for its normal purposes, because registration was underway. I went into the hall. There was a mean middle-aged lady, with glasses halfway down her nose. She barked at me to say that the hall was closed for lunch. Hadn’t I seen the sign? I told her what I had understood. I stupidly went as far as saying that the sign was misleading. You would think that, having struggled to get to onto the course, I would be trying my best to keep on the good side of every person in the bloody university, but no, my perversity got the better of me.

Anyway, I survived this ordeal and came back after lunch. Joyfully, the mean middle-aged lady wasn’t involved in the actual process of registering me, or I may have found myself studying analytical chemistry. And Italian. I walked out of the room with a brand spanking new student card. Hurrah! Discounts ahoy!

I went straight to the library, and got out four books. I don’t think I’ll actually understand any of them. In fact, I’ve already read one of them and am not sure I understood a single word of it. But I’m not worried. My head is large and my brain cells mainly empty.

As I checked my books out, I overheard a student saying to a librarian that he couldn’t afford the fifty cent fine he was being charged. I am once again among my own kind! Little thrills ran through my body! It’s now acceptable for me not to be able to afford things again. I am a scrounging, good-for-nothing student!

This time, I did skip over the cobblestones! I’ll take my student card out for a ride at the gym tomorrow and report back. Yay!

Also, in exercise news, I’ve also started, which will apparently get me up to 100 push-ups in a row within six weeks. The only thing I’ve really learnt from that so far is that my carpet needs hoovering. But the best is yet to come.

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5 Responses to Thrills, but no spills

  1. Congrats Connor – hope it all goes well. You're great at blogging by the way – I love reading it! Siobhán

  2. Laurie says:

    I would have interpreted the sign the same way you did. Silly woman.

  3. Thanks, Siobhan. I'm keeping up with your blog too – it's fab, and I'm dead jealous! Laurie, yes – she is a silly woman – I had another encounter today – even sillier! Anonymous, I know who you are. More blog tonight. I promise!

  4. Anonymous says:

    You tell big lie. More blog or … I'll … stop re-reading this entry. You will never guess my true identity! bra ha ha ha ha ha!

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