Twentieth Weigh-in, Sunday, 26th August 2010

Blogger, the service that provides this blog, suggests that I label each post. It gives some examples – I could label my posts with “scooters” or “vacation” or possibly “fall”. It is now my one ambition in life to compose a post that could be summed up in those three words.

At least it was, until I googled “scooters, vacation, fall” and found that six of the first ten hits are blog posts that do just that.

So I’ll have to come up with some new ambitions. One of my ambitions for this week is to use plates.

I have already shown off about how I am cooking for myself. Not having ready cash is excellent motivation for doing this. This evening, I was expecting to go out for dinner, so I hadn’t planned on cooking. However, the invitation was cancelled. I sat down to watch X Factor and put on some pasta to boil. I was watching telly at the same time. I quickly drained the pasta, lashed in some tuna, light mayonnaise, black pepper and mixed herbs, mixed it all together and carried the saucepan and a fork to the sofa, so as not to miss Diva Fever’s performance.

Oh, how my thighs burned. Your thighs are meant to burn when you lose weight. They should burn from squats and from lunges, from running and from star-jumps. Your thighs are not meant to burn from contact with boiling-hot saucepans. I didn’t really enjoy that dinner or Diva Fever’s performance as much as I thought.

So this week shall be the week of plates.

The week gone by has been a good one. I showed exceptional forbearance in restaurants, cafes, pubs and houses. So my weigh-in had better be good.

Neck: 16.75 inches/ 42.2 cm – same
Arm: 15 inches/ 38.1cm – down
Chest: 48.75 inches/123.9 cm – down
Waist: 51.5 inches/ 130.8 cm – down
Thigh: 26 inches/66.1 cm- up in inches, down in centimetres – who knows?

That’s one of my best set of measurements to date. Whopee!

Weight: 21 st 3 lbs (297 lbs/ 134.75 kgs) Down one pound or a quarter kilo – I’ll take that!

Wish me luck!

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