Nineteenth Weigh-in, Sunday, 19th September 2010

This weekend has been fairly uppy-downy. I’ve not had a single cigarette. I’m definitely feeling healthier. And I’m cooking for myself. I’m sure you’ll all be delighted to hear that I’m back on porridge again.

I have mainly enforced my Emergency Budget – not out of choice, mind you! I did cut up my ATM card on Thursday. However, I didn’t count on my own innate silliness. Feeling generally deprived on Sunday, I went onto They accept Laser Card. Of course they do! I ordered a pizza online, typing in the number from my chopped-up card. A meaty, greasy pizza. Filled with all manner of wickedness. And when it arrived, the poor Chinese delivery boy asked to see my card. Oh, the shame! So now, I’ve melted the number off the card. Oh, Connor! My molten card is now hung on the fridge by a magnet, ironically a magnet that’s advertising a pizza delivery place (in Gdansk). So, I’ve spent €22 of next month’s rent – on pizza, when I have a freezer full of nourishing food.

I got some very good news on Saturday. I had been turned down for no fewer than 5 scholarships. I also failed to get the city council grant, as my taxes are in a mess. My parent’s credit union have agreed to fund my first year. God only knows where I’ll get the money for year two and three!

Anyway, I went into college for my first day for a research methods seminar. It was fabulously silly. We had to represent the nature of educational research, using plasticine and lego. And worse, the lecturer in charge spent fifteen minutes explaining to us what he expected us to do. I know I could get a group of non-native speakers to understand the same set of instructions in thirty seconds. And this guy is a more highly-qualified educator than me!

Anyway, I got all nerdily excited about it all. I can’t wait to get stuck in!

But back to Project Connor. I finally got back to my long walks (with some fairly slow starts!) and I’m back to strength training again (I realise I have said this before, but I mean it this time!)

My weigh-in was grand, but nothing amazing!

Neck: 16.75 inches/ 42.2 cm – same
Arm: 15.5 inches/ 39.5 cm – up
Chest: 49.5 inches/126.9 cm – down
Waist: 52 inches/ 132 cm – way down!
Thigh: 25.75 inches/67.8 cm- down

Weight: 21 st 4lbs (298 lbs/135 kgs) – just half a pound down. But it’s still down!

Next week will be better! Wish me luck!

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