Seventeenth Weigh-in, Sunday 5th September 2010

It’s been a great day! I have ticked off more things on my to do list than were on it. I did three loads of washing. My house is spotless. I spent three hours doing my online job, without checking facebook once. I detoxed my body splendidly. I drank so much water that my kidneys are functioning like a pair of Japanese-designed and German-made electric can-openers. I had plenty of prunes, so my digestive tract resembles the new Cullahill bypass. I had a vegetarian dinner.

This can’t be right!, I hear you cry. No incompetent bumbling? No best-laid plans going haywire? That’s not Connor!

Well, you’re right. My weigh-in is bloody awful. Abominable. My hair was wet when I first stepped on the scale. I dried it vigorously. The result was the same. I went to the loo. Nothing changed. I considered lying in my post. I won’t. The public humiliation aspect of this blog is very important to Project Connor.

In my defence, last week’s weigh-in was in the early morning when we are much lighter than we are in the evening. I’m also just after my delicious vegetarian dinner. But this is mainly down to the three-day-long Corkonian binge. This will take two weeks of hard-core dieting to get rid of.

Here (for what it’s worth) are my measurements: Up and down, but mainly up
Neck: 17 inches/ 43.3 cm
Arm: 15.25 inches/ 38.6 cm
Chest: 51.25 inches/130.1 cm
Waist: 54 inches/ 137.3 cm
Thigh: 26.75 inches/ 68 cm

Weight: (deep breath)21 st 8.75 lbs (302.75 lbs/ 137.5 kgs) I’m up nine and a half pounds (four and a half kilos), and back over the 300-pound mark. Grrh!

Wish me luck (gurgles Connor, hitting “publish post” nervously).

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2 Responses to Seventeenth Weigh-in, Sunday 5th September 2010

  1. Aoife O'D says:

    Yo go Connor boy, only a small setback on project connor!

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