A new perspective

I’m back in Ireland. Landing at the airport last night, it was with relief that I looked at the obesity all around me. Sure, I’ll miss the trim waists, toned bottoms and bronzed biceps of the Slovenes, but it’s nice not to stick out quite as much.

It’s not just the plainness of the Irish I noticed, it was also the awkwardness of Irish Dads hugging their grown-up sons when they arrive back. They know it’s expected in these days when people cry on TV, when children are no longer smacked and when rugby players enter TV dancing contests. But you know they hate it. “love Actually” couldn’t have been made in Ireland.

I have been re-evaluating things over the last few weeks, and what better time for announcing new start #3,476 than my first day back in Ireland?

I’m still entering the marathon, as I promised, but I can still only run for about 12 minutes, so I’ll be walking it – that’s not copping out, by the way – it’s still 26 miles, and I’ll be walking for over seven hours. I’m going to continue working on my running and I’ll be entering the Cork marathon on June Bank Holiday Monday 2011.

I’m also re-assessing my diet. I am doing fine, but it’s all very unregulated. I’ve been vaguely trying to follow the plan that you get at Motivation Weight Control, which is a high protein plan. I’m going back to basics. I’ll be counting calories. I’m aiming for 2500 calories a day this week. If you see me eating something without writing down the calorie count, stop me. I have a clear goal. I want to be 18 stone for Christmas. That’s three stone in five months. Very doable.

I’ve been good with fags, but not good enough. I’m going to re-read Allen Carr’s Easyway. If that doesn’t work, I have another plan up my sleeve.

Just you wait. Connor 2011 will be sleek and easy-breathing, fleet-of-foot and frolicsome.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You can do it!!! FOLEY

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