Thirteenth Weigh-in Sunday 1st August 2010

I have been a naughty Connor and haven’t been blogging recently. As you’ve probably noticed from recent posts, I haven’t been in the best mood. Last week was fairly slumpy. I was in sworl of negativity, and wallowed with all my might.

Wallowing takes energy and I tired myself out through a lack of bouncing and a dearth of bubbling.

I managed to watch an entire season of Grey’s Anatomy. If anyone knows a surer sign of wallowing than watching twenty two hours of Meredith Grey’s whining without throwing your telly out the window, then you should let me know.

Anyway, I decided to get myself out of this funk, so I turned to TV for inspiration. Others may pray, they may sing, they may repeat positive affirmations in front of the mirror, but I know that telly has the answer. It might be Shirley Valentine, spurring you on to cast aside your suburban ways and go skinny dipping in Greece. It might be Jerry Maguire, daring you to dream and to make it on your own. It might be Dead Poets’ Society, spawning a desire in you to stand on a table and tell your teacher how wonderful he is.

This occasion demanded drastic measures, so on Saturday evening, I watched “Let Bartlet Be Bartlet” from season one of The West Wing. It’s the one where they all realise that they’ve achieved nothing in the first year of the presidency and Leo gives the President a rousing speech, encouraging the staff to “run into walls”. It always gets me in the gut. It also features an amusing sequence featuring trout fishermen and weather forecasts.

So after my evening’s inspiration, I did what every new start requires. I made a list. It included simple things like “clean the toilet” and “buy bananas”. There were also somewhat more complex things on the list, like “sort out my life” and “run a marathon”.

I don’t know how this weigh-in will turn out. Incidentally, the date stamp is a brazen lie. I didn’t weigh in on Sunday. Today is Tuesday. The blog was on my list, between bananas and marathons, but I didn’t get round to it till today.

Here goes:
Measurements – mostly slightly up
Neck: 17.75 inches/45 cm
Arm: 15.5 inches/39.2 cm
Chest: 49.5 inches/126.8 cm
Waist: 54.25 inches/ 137.6 cm
Thigh: 29.75 inches/75.5 cm

21 st 6 lbs(300 lbs/136 kilos) That’s a loss of 2 and a half pounds or one kilo! Much better than I expected! I did need to put a new hole in my belt today (that’s the second new hole since the start of Project Connor!)

My BMI is 45.6 (still morbidly obese – but a little less morbid and more inspired.)

Wish me luck!

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