Twelfth Weigh-in Sunday, 25th July, 2010

Friday was not a good day. It will live forever, like the burning of Rome and the sack of Baltimore, as a Very Bad Day.

I got up early. It’s always a tense day on a CELTA course when the assessor comes from Cambridage to see if we’re doing our jobs right. There wasn’t much food in the house. I had a banana for breakfast and didn’t eat again until I 8:30 in the evening. It’s a pretty bad day when I forget to eat.

I also had to tell two of the trainees on the course that they were in danger of failing the course (having spent the best part of €1500 on it), and get them to sign letters to say that they understood this. This is the most barbaric part of my job. Unfortunately, both of these trainees happen to be lovely. Grrh!

After a long day, I got home. I checked my email. It turns out that I have no funding for my PhD in September.

My life was sorted and now I have to reconsider everything. That’s the second time this has happened in 12 months.

I still have a shot of getting the City Council grant, which means a life of poverty.

Or I jack in the whole thing. Become a writer? Travel the world teaching CELTA courses? Go back to law?


Anyway, I wasn’t feeling great on Saturday and I dealt with it the only way I know how. I ate. And ate.

I woke up this morning with a horrible food hangover. God knows how my weigh-in will go. Let’s see.

Measurements: All down!
Neck: 16.75 inches/42.2cm
Chest:48.5 inches/123.2 cm
Arm:15.5 inches/39.4 cm
Waist: 53.75 inches/136.5 cm
Thigh:28.75 inches/73.1 cm

Weight: 21 st 8.5 lbs – exactly the same! Considering the Very Bad Day, not so bad.

Wish me luck, and any suggestions for the future welcome!

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3 Responses to Twelfth Weigh-in Sunday, 25th July, 2010

  1. OK, (1) hurray for the downward trajectory on measures and stability on weight; (2) I am sure we can figure something out PhD money wise. Can you even get a fees stipend, keep doing a bit of pt teaching and go for IRCHSS and NAIRTL funding when they come up early in 2011?? Poverty + PhD = natural bedfellows I'm afraid 😦

  2. Claire says:

    What is the purpose of the trainees signing the letter?! As for the PhD, I suggest you move to Paris. There are no fees and you can teach English to your heart's content, sip coffee in beautiful cafés, stroll around cool quartiers, and gradually become an arrogant, haughty but well dressed Parisian.

  3. Laurie says:

    Yes, I can picture Connor as a Parisian. A beret would sit elegantly askew atop his head. A baguette would look perfect under one arm as he cycled home in his striped shirt. Seriously, I'm sorry about the funding. Could you wait a year and save some money from working full time? But I'm happy about the good measurements! As for the trainees, it may have hurt to tell them, but if I had to receive bad news I would want it to be from someone like you. I'm sure you told it to them in a gentle, comforting way.

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