Ninth Weigh-in Sunday 20th June 2010

I’ve had my weekend and it was lovely. It was also sinful. I had two dinners with my family, one involved fried chicken and chips, the other was a full Christmas dinner: turkey and ham, mashed and roast potatoes, bread sauce, sausage meat stuffing and a christmas pudding. There was also my mother’s famous chocolate cake. It was beautiful. We ate outside in the back garden, in a “marquee”. I never saw the merit in eating outside. It’s like dinner with added insects and the potential for a bird pooing on your plate. I know I’m in a minority as far as that is concerned.

After dinner, I had no choice but to lie down for an hour or so. But I have begun to recover and I have no regrets. My resolutions from yesterday remain strong: nI will start running on Tuesday. No white bread this week. No cigarettes tomorrow.

I’m 95% sure that the weigh-in will be bad. Here goes.

I’m down!! The walking must have worked!

Weight: 22 st 6.5 lbs (314.5 lbs/142.5 kgs)
BMI is 47.7, body fat is 9 st 4.25 lbs/42.5%.

So, I’m down two kilos or four and a quarter pounds. Go me!

Measurements: Some up, some down. I’ll get how to do this properly eventually!
Neck: 17.5 inches/44.2 cm
Chest: 51 inches/129.5 cm
Arm: 15 inches/ 38.1 cm
Waist: 54.5 inches/138.3 cm
Thigh: 29.75 inches/75.5 cm

Wish me luck! I’ve got fire in my belly!

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One Response to Ninth Weigh-in Sunday 20th June 2010

  1. Aoife O'D says:

    Well I don't like picnics…I don't like eating while sitting on the ground, its awkward and I will spill something on myself…I don't mind eating al fresco in suitable conditions such as when tis warm…hmmmmmAoife

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