Shank’s mare and me

I have surrendered the car. My sister is back from her travels and she is now driving it to Cork. So I’m definitely walking at least some of the way to work tomorrow. Sweaty teaching, here I come!

As I’ve said before, the car brought out an evilness in me. It was filled with the crumbs of chicken rolls and muffins, as well as the ash of hundreds of cigarettes. The car was filthy inside and out. Unfortunately, I didn’t really have the money to get it cleaned properly, or indeed to buy appropriate products for cleaning it. As a result, I had to clean it using a glass of water and some washing up liquid, along with sheets and sheets of kitchen roll (emblazoned with High School Musical logos – it was worth the euro more that it cost than plain kitchen roll). Cleaning a car with kitchen roll is actually quite good exercise, and I felt simultaneously athletic and drained.

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by life today. Slovenia is coming to bite me in the bottom. I have a hundred million things to do, but I’ll soldier on, like the pint-sized hero I am.

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1 Response to Shank’s mare and me

  1. Sorry I haven't been commenting lately–been a bit manic. Slovenia is going to be amazeballs and you are going to love it.Giving E back the car is an excellent development. Wagons were made not only for falling off of but for getting back on to. Stay strong xxxx

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