A new dawn

I really feel like lying. I can be quite a convincing liar. Students think I like them, waitresses think I’m grateful and bank managers used to give me money. I want to proclaim that I haven’t had a cigarette all week, that I’ve eaten nothing but celery and goji berries and that I’ve pumped more iron that a giant ironpump. None of this is true.

I’ve been rubbish. I am smoking marginally less, and I have stepped up my walking distances, but I’ve been hoovering up food to beat the band. I was just at a farewell meal for one of my best friends, so I have an excuse for gorging myself today!

I did have a good morning. I walked into work with a friend of mine. When I say I walked into work, I actually mean that I walked into Glasnevin and got on a bus before it turned into a hill. It was a wonderful start to the day though. Every day should start with a walk that long. I made the mistake of not bringing a change of shirt though and I taught in a distinctly damp state as a result. I’ll be walking in again next week, as I am surrendering the car back to my sister tomorrow.

One thing that slowed me down on my journey was that my jeans kept falling down. My belt was just too loose. As a result of this happy news, I set to putting a new hole in it when I got home. I got my sharpest knife and got to work. I didn’t feel like taking the belt off before doing this, and so conducted this operation with a steady hand over a very delicate area of my body. There was no slippage and no accident. There may still yet be little Connors running about. This all means that I have less respect for surgeons. It’s actually not all that hard.

I didn’t post a weigh-in last weekend. I knew the result wouldn’t be good. Dear readers, you can’t let me get away with this kind of carry-on again.

According to Mr Schuester, on the season finale of Glee, life has only one beginning and one ending, and the rest is one long middle. This may suggest that there are no new beginnings in life. I am going to disregard this advice. If there were no new beginnings, I’d never get anything done in life. So, here I go again.

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2 Responses to A new dawn

  1. Laurie says:

    Yeah, rubbish advice from Mr Schue. We'll walk to work again on Friday, yay!

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