Hi Ho Silver Lining!

Sunday’s post, which I wrote three minutes ago, was rather gloomy. I’m actually in a good mood. I started my marathon training today. I’m following Hal Higdon’s novice marathon training schedule to be found on http://www.halhigdon.com. He is a wonderfully enthusiastic American man, who seems to have little in his life other than running. The schedule is 18 weeks long, but I have 21 weeks to marathon day. I am working up to the week one schedule he gives. It may be a novice schedule, but the first week requires me to run three miles or more on four different days. I’m not quite there yet. So I’m walking the running distances for the next three weeks to build up to that. Today was Day One. The walk was fine, it was my first go with my pedometer, which, by the way, translates as fart-o-meter in Spanish. I did the distance with a goodly amount of sweat and little discomfort.

I say little discomfort. There was some. Before I went for my walk, I trimmed my beard and sideburns. I didn’t wear my shirt while doing this. I thought I got rid of any excess hair. Unfortunately, I wasn’t thorough enough. By the end of my walk, quite a lot of hairs had worked their way down into my underpants. There is no itch, quite like that of hundreds of beard hairs working their way around your nether regions.

Another reason for my good cheer is that I hit the “next blog” button at the top of my blog. Usually, when I do this, all I find is perfectly harmless stories of family life and baby photos posted by bored middle-class Mid Western American housewives. Today’s next blog was a special find: http://justmehopingformore.blogspot.com It is entitled “I am Blessed”. I once knew a Nigerian woman called Blessing, but Blessed isn’t this blogger’s name. Her name is Chantal, but she signs herself “Mom of 4 boys !!” I didn’t add the exclamation marks. They’re all Chantal’s. She starts every post with “Mood: Blessed, Happy” on a good day, and “Mood: Blessed, Tired” on a bad day. I could read Chantal’s blog for hours. She interperses her tales of the boys’ high-jinks with regular exclamations, “I am soo blessssed!!!” Chantal started a weightloss campaign four weeks ago. She has yet to lose any weight, so I’m beating the crap out of her blessed ass.

I am mocking Chantal, but I am actually growing fond of her. Her positive affirmations of “I am soooo blessed!!!!” aren’t really that different from my “Suck it up, bitch!” Her abbreviation “LO” for Little Ones is so bonkers that you can’t but love it. And her sparkly countdown to “Our First Wedding Anniversary” (109 hours and counting!) is overblown and camp, like most rewarding things in life. Chantal – good luck – we’re in this together!

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One Response to Hi Ho Silver Lining!

  1. AoifeO'D says:

    Heya,I use Hal too, Hal is wonderful, he has sense one doesn't have to absolutely live a life of purity! Go Connor!Aoife O'D

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