A short and somewhat pointless post

I am writing this from my bed. I am as tired as Brid na nAmhran in Padraic Pearse’s awful short story. She was a little old Conamara woman who walked to Dublin to compete in the Oireachtas. She didn’t have the money to eat along the way. She got to the Oireachtas,sang her song, died and then won. I guess she was Ireland’s answer to Susan Boyle. Anyway, I’m as tired as starving, dying woman who walked from Galway to Dublin. I have eaten today (well in fact – nutrient rich super foods!) but I came home from work with 100 things to do. I discovered at 3:00 that I have the two most fiddly classes in the school tomorrow, so I spent much of the afternoon flapping about ineffectually, and then got stuff done. My head is now rushing with possibilities for a pronunciation lesson that would suit both advanced and elementary learners. Luckily, with all this flapping, I didn’t have the time to be naughty today. Yay!

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One Response to A short and somewhat pointless post

  1. Laurie says:

    Oh! If it'll help you with Project Connor, you can have some of the things from my to-do list tomorrow!

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