Blueberries, smugness and cigarettes

In a previous post, I complained that I was bad at microwaving porridge. This doesn’t rank high on my list of Flaws To Be Rectified. However, a number of people jumped in with suggestions, which I read gratefully. I bought blueberries yesterday to add to the mix. It worked! They were lovely! The porridge was still too watery, but I suspect the problem just might be the amount of water I use when I’m making it.

As far as eating goes, today has been wonderful. I had my five servings of fruit and veg for the first time in ages, and I kept within my limits easily. I didn’t break at my typical breaking point – when I finish work, I have a terrible tendency to drop into Spar for a carbohydrate fix, like a reluctant but resigned junkie at a methodone clinic. Today, in spite of the fact I was carrying my wallet, I didn’t crumble, I didn’t break down and cry.

I cooked an actual dinner for the second day running. It really is easy, but it creates way more washing up than I’m comfortable with. When you don’t cook for yourself, it is very easy to keep your kitchen clean. I have no choice but to do the washing-up now, as I’m really thirsty and I can’t get at the sink for water until I cut a swathe through the dishes. I know this makes it sound as if it was an enormous and elaborate meal. It wasn’t; it’s just a small sink.

If you’re sensing a self-satisfied smugness in today’s post, beware that your correspondent hasn’t been completely pure today. I am smoking again. In fact, I have been giving up for over three weeks now and haven’t managed a full 48 hours without a cigarette. During this time, I have thrown away a ludicrous number of fags and lighters. I am going to roll with it for two more days. I will smoke tomorrow and Thursday, focus exclusively on getting my weight down for Sunday and getting my fitness up, and I will give up again on Friday. Could there be an easier day of the week to give up?

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One Response to Blueberries, smugness and cigarettes

  1. Claire says:

    Try avocado and buffalo mozzarella, on a pitta with Ballymaloe relish, lettuce and tomato. Filling but low-fat and healthy. And avocados are great for your skin, chock-full of Vitamin E.

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