The move

I’ve moved. Almost. I’m sleeping in the new place tonight, but other than a dressed bed and a plugged-in alarm clock, this place doesn’t really resemble a place where someone lives. There is a heap of bags and boxes on the floor of the front room, and the place has only been half-cleaned. The previous tenant, an affable Spaniard by the name of Sergio, was clearly not a big cleaner and the place is really a tip. I didn’t have the energy to start going at the cobwebs, given that I’ve already cleaned the flat I just left tonight. It is wonderful to be here though. There is a double bed. I’m an adult again! And it’s an incredibly comfortable one too. Yay! I will sleep well tonight. Now that I’ve moved into my new place, submitted the final part of my PhD proposal and have generally got my life back on track, Project Connor has to be my main focus. I’m full of the zeal of new beginnings again. The past week has been full of hiccups, but this is yet another new start and I’m going to take full advantage.

Night night.

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One Response to The move

  1. sawcebox says:

    What colour bucket did you end up getting?Yay for project Connor! I'm sure having a new place to get excited over will be even more inspirational than a whole wall of inspirational posters!

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